Honest Films
Cinematic Branded Content
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Honest Films is a Denver based video production company creating marketing video for web and television. We work throughout the Rocky Mountain region and across the United States.

Honest Films produces and edits high quality short brand films, marketing content and broadcast television commercials. Our work goes beyond  inauthentic, ignorable and ineffective content to make a real connection with your audience. Your customers, like all people, are drawn to beautiful, authentic storytelling. That's what we specialize in. 

Full service video production

Advertising agencies and marketing departments love working with Honest Films because they can hand their idea over and trust us to deliver on their vision. We'll handle everything from location scouting, casting, complete production, post-production, voice-over and music production. We'll take our show on the road across the country or work right here at home in Denver, Colorado.


If your project has been shot and is ready to finish, we're here to help. We've been editing national, regional and local non-profit projects for more than a decade. No matter how great your script and your footage, the editing room is where a story lives or dies. We're experts at crafting a story that takes your project to its highest level. We'll cut the story, create the motion graphics, mix the sound and effects and can even create a custom score.